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At the end of Mating Rituals of North American WASP, Luke prepares to read a poem he has just written. This is the sonnet, which does not appear in the book:

Roses in the Snow

You blur the line between reality
and dream in how you shimmer when you walk,
in how your eyes are stars; and when you talk
of love our world becomes a galaxy
of pulsing kiss, of fire, of deep embrace.
We walk a bridge to pure light long ago,
when this vast universe was fierily born;

and though such moments are too swiftly gone,
like all pleasures, like roses in the snow,
they allure endlessly in memory—
that surreal bridge, Las Vegas, how your face
took on a brilliant, rose-impassioned glow,
and I was yours forever. Nothing more
to life than seeing you now: my heart soars.

Poet Lee Slonimsky, who wrote "Roses in the Snow" as well as all of Luke's other sonnets, also imagined this alternate scenario in which Luke ends up without his true love:

Luke, Alone, in Fall

It's sweeter now to count these final leaves
than shrinking figures in a bank account;
a mournful sweetness, true, for autumn weaves
slow fading colors with a vacant ache
for summer's brighter rainbows—losses mount,
financial and the setbacks to my heart,
as time erodes all fortune. The house creaks
in sympathy, an echo that diverts
but not for long; I must address my pain,
a ricochet of incompleteness. She
is with me constantly—just as soft rain
companions windstrewn clouds and near bare trees -
but in sad thoughts alone; now, bring her close
or else be ever haunted by love's ghost!

About the poet

Lee Slonimksy has a rare talent for both art and finance. He is the manager of the technology hedge fund Ocean Partners LP and is currently a principal in discussions to create a new, environmentally oriented fund, Green Hills Partners LP. Slonimsky's poems, which often explore the relationship between love, nature and mathematics, have appeared in hundreds of literary journals and newspapers, including the Carolina Quarterly, Poetry Daily and Measure. His books of poetry are Talk Between Leaf and Skin (SRLR Press, 2002), Pythagoras in Love (Orchises Press, 2007), and the forthcoming Logician of the Wind. He lives with his wife, the award-winning mystery writer Carol Goodman, in Great Neck, N.Y.

Poems copyright (c) 2008 Lee Slonimsky. All rights reserved. These poems, or any parts thereof, may not be reproduced without permission.